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The independent directory of businesses serving the residents of HA7

Media Pack

Benefits to advertisers

  • New people are moving into HA7 EVERY WEEK. In most cases these new residents are new to the area and have no local knowledge. They are looking for guidance and the Directory offers the perfect opportunity for businesses to get themselves in front of these new potential customers.
  • It works. According to research, The Directory will be very widely read and used by the residents of the area. Most of the advertisers will appear in every publication – because the Directory works and generates business for them.
  • Price. The Directory represents incredible value if your target market includes the residents of HA7. You can get coverage for a whole year (6 issues) for less than the cost of a few ads in the local news paper, lets say.
  • It is truly local. All advertisers operate in or close to the area. There is strong evidence that truly local services are preferred by the majority of the UK population.
  • Longevity – it isn’t thrown away each week like a local newspaper. People keep it as a reference for the whole month.
  • No VAT. The price you see is the price you pay – unlike most publications where an extra 20% is added to the bill. This is because we are a small independently run business.
  • Quality. The Directory has a very high standard of print and production – utilising 150gm gloss art paper throughout. All artwork is professionally finished to ensure that you look your best and that your company is proud to be featured and associated with a high quality publication.
  • Editorial opportunities. Two advertisers each month are featured in their own two page editorial spread. This gives them a depth of coverage that is normally onlyavailable at huge expense in other publications.
  • There are few shops or services within the HA7 itself, giving providers from surrounding areas the opportunity to build significant market share. The Directory represents the most effective way for such businesses to market themselves to the residents of the area.



  • The Directory is published and distributed monthly, on or around the first weekend of the month.
  • It is delivered to over 2000 homes in and around HA7 – guaranteed.
  • Circulation will grow as new distribution areas are introduced.
  • The local Library, Doctors and Dentists waiting rooms


Format & Design

  • It is an A5 size booklet, stapled, colour print on white gloss art paper with a coordinated colour centre-page.
  • The Directory is printed on 150gm art gloss paper giving it a very high quality feel.
  • It has ‘longevity’ and because of it’s size, content, look and feel it will be kept by the majority of households until the next issue arrives, thereby giving advertisers ‘immediacy of access’ when their services are required.
  • Technical Specifications for ad’s are set out on a separate sheet.


  • We are serving one of the most densely populated, high income outer London Boroughs.
  • A third of households include dependant children, this is above the London and National average.
  • The workforce is on a par to the rest of England with regards to a higher level qualification.
  • Two thirds of the resident population are of working age with a small unemployment rate.
  • Three quarters of the population have a car, with one third of the households having two or more cars.



Advert Size / Position 15 October 2012


Price List – Oct 2012 to June 2013

We are not VAT registered so the price you see is the price you pay


1 Issue 3 issues Package*

Full page
£ 90 £  162    (with saving of 10 %)

Half Page £ 50                        £ 135   (with saving of 10 %)

Quarter Page £ 27.95                   £ 75.50   (with saving of 10 %)

Centre Pages (each) £ 119                     N/A

Biz Card £15.95                    £ 43.06   (with saving of 10 %)

Front Cover £ 199 full page       N/A (Maximum 1 in every 3 issues for any one advertiser, Minimum 3 months gap)

Back Cover £ 159 full page        N/A

Inside Front £ 129 full page         N/A

Inside Back Cover £ 159 full page          N/A

Page Size Examples This is only a guide

* Can be different copy for each publication. The discount is for booking the space.

Editorial Feature – a double page spread, including photographs and advertisement. A great way to let potential customers know all about your business. Fantastic value – just £ 199. Restaurant reviews prove to be popular and are £65 plus a meal for 2 for a review with photos.

Loose inserts –
These can be delivered for you with the Directory for just £ 89


Advert Size / Position 17 December 2012


Advert Size / Position 11 February 2013


Advert Size / Position 15 April 2013

HA7 CONNEXION – Advertiser’s Guide

Copy Deadline

  • Final copy must be submitted by the 15 days prior to publication date , for inclusion in the following edition (which will be distributed during the first weekend of that month.)
  • 15 October Deadline for Distribution 30 Oct – 4 Nov 2012
  • 17 December for Distribution 31 Dec – 06 Jan 2013
  • 11 February Deadline for Distribution 25 Feb – 3 Mar 2013
  • 15 April Deadline for Distribution 29 Apr – 5 May 2013


  • Full payment for all ads must be received by the copy deadline date.
  • Payment can be made by:
    – Cheque, payable to HA7 CONNEXION
    – Cash
  • Paypal – Credit / Debit Card above: Once payment is made your place is booked to avoid disappointment on prime ad spots like the Front Cover etc! So BOOK NOW to guarantee your spot.


  • HA7 CONNEXION is a small independent operation and is not registered for VAT. Consequently, no VAT is charged on ad’s

Acceptable Formats

  • Ad’s can be submitted in the following formats:
    • MS Word (pref not the images but can discuss)
    • TIFF
    • JPEG
  • Ad copy can be e-mailed to:
  • If your ad is not available in an electronic format then we can produce it for you, from your own hard copy text, normally for a fixed price of just £10, although this may be higher if you have a particularly complex ad!
    (This is a one-off charge – the ad could then be re-used in subsequent issues free of charge)

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